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Unforgettable sunset experiences – Usk reservoir

Unforgettable sunset experiences – Usk reservoir

Early evening is a magical time of day. As the sun disappears beneath the horizon, the beauty of the changing sky can inspire wonder, awe and a sense of calm. Come to the park and experience dusk over epic mountainscapes, glacial valleys and glassy lakes. Immerse yourself in nature as the scarlet skies turn indigo blue and finish each day with an unforgettable sunset experience.

There are so many remarkable backdrops in our park, offering some of the most dramatic sunset scenery you’ll see anywhere in the world. We’ve picked out just a few to inspire you to come and stay, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Follow the sun into the west of the park and you’ll find Usk Reservoir – a remote, idyllic sunset spot set in forest and moorland. Most of the summits of the Black Mountain range are visible from the waterside and offer fantastic photo opportunities.

Explore the dam running 480 metres wide or take a stroll along the banks and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature as the day draws in. The reservoir’s car park area is a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic as you watch the sun set.

Usk Reservoir is one of the best still water trout fisheries in Wales with fly fishing, spinning and worm fishing permitted. It’s easy to get to, with road access from Trecastle.

There is so much to see and do in the Brecon Beacons National Park with plenty of places to stay, go

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Sunset at Usk Reservoir

The Brecon Beacons offers some fantastic game and coarse fishing throughout its many rivers, lakes, reservoirs and canals. Record-breaking grayling on the Wye, some of the finest brown trout fishing in the country on the Usk and a sprinkling of well-stocked reservoirs and lakes make fishing one of the most popular outdoor activities in our park.

To fish with a rod and line in Wales you need a rod licence.