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Mountain bike route grading system

Mountain bike route grading system

The Brecon Beacons National Park uses a standard, colour-coded mountain bike route grading system to help you choose a location to match your ability.

Black Route - Level 5

Distance: over 50km

Includes extreme terrain
Some sections can be considered totally unrideable for the majority of people

Red Route - Level 4

Distance: 30–40km
Steep terrain
Larger boulders or obstacles, requiring a high level of riding expertise
Greater range of bodily movements is required to ride this terrain
Deep narrow ruts
Very slippery terrain
Terrain where very good control of brakes is required
Bike itself needs to be in very good condition
Bike must be equipped appropriately with good tyres, suspension and mud guards

Blue Route - Level 3

Distance: 8–25km
Moderately steep inclines requiring a reasonable amount of effort on the climbs
Greater degree of technical expertise needed on the descents
Terrain may demand that riders pick a line
Obstacles on the terrain

Green Route - Level 2

Distance: 8–20km
Moderate climbs
Moderate descents
Rougher or slightly slippery ground surface
Picking a line may not be necessary
Any line on the track should be rideable but may include small stones, shallow broad ruts or slightly slippery terrain

Yellow Route - Level 1

Distance: 8km or less
Fairly flat terrain
Even surface over whole width of track
Track at least 2m wide
No big climbs
No big descents


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