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Horse riding and pony trekking centres

Horse riding and pony trekking centres

Our riding and trekking centres look after riders of all abilities. If you've never been riding before, the Brecon Beacons is a great place to start. Experienced riders love the Beacons too. Our Park is blessed with beautiful terrain to challenge and inspire.

Riding and trekking for beginners

All the Centres in the National Park cater for beginners and novices. Many people sit on a horse for the first time during their holidays here and for some it can be the start of a passion. For others it is a novel way to get to see parts of the National Park you might not otherwise get to. The pony trekking centres all have different routes and most will get you out into the uplands of the Park.

Riding and trekking for improvers

If you are already riding the centres can arrange rides that are faster, further or both. The horses and the speed of the ride will be tailored to your abilities, but remember you will only be able to go at the speed which everyone in your group can cope with, so if you want a canter ride you may want to send the non-riders in your group off to do something else for a few hours. There are masses of options!

Advanced riding and trekking

If you know what you're doing you can enjoy some real pipe openers up on the hills and along the tracks leading up to them. Most of the centres have a wide range of horses to choose from and will tailor rides to your interests.

Riding and trekking centres

Our riding and trekking centres offer:

  • Half day rides, at all levels from from beginner to experienced
  • Full day rides, stopping at pubs and spectacular view points
  • Riding holidays, from two to seven days
  • Pony trekking, half day and full day treks

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