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Visiting the Brecon Beacons

Plan before you play

Visiting the Brecon Beacons

Get in the zone

Parking can get really busy at the moment, so make your day easier by finding the most suitable car park.
Some of the most popular spots can be at full capacity by 9-10am at weekends, so don't forget to plan ahead.

Many of our car parks Pay & Display, you may need loose change as card payments are not possible in some locations. Bad parking on the roadside, in villages or across access entrances can stop emergency crews and local communities getting through, so always stick to approved parking spaces. Many areas are now patrolled and penalty notices may be issued.


FiNo BBQs or campfires

BBQs, campfires or other naked flames are not permitted in the open countryside anywhere in the National Park. The results of fires can be devastating, and fines may be issued in some areas. The easiest way to avoid a problem is to leave the BBQ at home. Picnics are great, but please clean up after your feast!

Zip it

'Wild camping' (anywhere outside of designated camp sites) is only allowed with landowner permission, and the majority of landowners in the Brecon Beacons do not allow this. There's also no wild camping allowed on National Park Authority land.

Don't be a rubbish visitor

Take home what you bring with you. Litter can start fires or easily harm wildlife, and ruins the day for everyone else. If you can’t, then bag it and bin it.

A brew, a view but still maybe no loo

A few public toilets may remain closed due to Covid-19 so please don’t use nature as a bathroom.

Respect the rules

Many of the shops in our towns and villages are only just starting to re-open, often with a reduced or take-away service only – please respect our local businesses and follow any guidance and signage they provide.

Be a trail blazer

///what3words – emergency location information

Whilst we would always recommend being fully prepared with a map or clear route information when you explore the Brecon Beacons, there may be situations where you become lost in an unfamiliar area.
The what3words system can help you in an emergency situation where you may need urgent assistance.

Once you have the app on your phone prior to your trip, if needed it will generate a totally unique three word pinpont location that can be passed on to the emergency services (this must be done by you).


#BeAdventureSmart when out and about. Ask yourself these three questions –
 Do I have the right gear?
 Do I know what the Weather will be like?
 Do I have enough Knowledge and skills for the day?

Why can’t I find a litter or dog poo bin?

Unlike towns and cities, you won’t find many bins out in the open countryside. As well as the practicalities of emptying them in hard to reach places, they also detract from the National Park's special qualities.

But litter kills our wildlife…

Give nature a chance and take your rubbish and dog poo home. Carry out what you carry in.

There are some great dog waste bags available to buy that last for years so you can safely carry dog poo without the smell spoiling your walk.



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