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Easier access routes

Our National Park is a very special place and offers a diverse range of activities to enable you to have as stimulating or relaxing a visit as you wish. The landscape is variedand routes traverse a range of types of terrain. The National Park Authority is working hard to remove unnecessary obstacles such as stiles and to replace them with easy to open and close gates, where suitableIt is also improving the surface of some paths, where conditions and the landscape allow.  

The Authority is also providing as much information as possible to enable you to select the best route for your taste and needs. This means that it has graded walks on a 1 to 5 scale and generally it is those graded 1 and 2 which would suit you if you use an aid to move a distance.  

Grade 1  Routes which are barrier free, have negligible gradients and solid or compacted surfaces. Also have seats.  Find all our grade one walks here.

Grade 2  Routes with some sections with slightly looser surfaces, slight gradients and gates but no stiles. There are few seats   Find all our grade two walks here.

Search our routes for suitably graded walks here




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