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The Beacons Way

Why not explore the National Park using The Beacons Way?

The Beacons Way walk offers some of the best views the National Park has to offer.   If you want to complete the whole 159km (99 mile) walk it takes eight days, or you can do it one day at a time at your convenience. Some days are more challenging than others so you can choose what suits you and maybe set yourself a challenge to build up to the more strenuous days.

The Beacons Way was first established in 2005 by John Sansom. He was a keen walker and a key member of the Brecon Beacons Park Society. Since its inception numerous walkers have enjoyed the route, taking in the breath-taking vistas that it offers. The route of the Beacons Way is designed to present this beautiful part of Wales in the very best possible light. It is an area of high hills, deep valleys and expansive moorland.

Please note that the route shown in this Guide was revised in 2016.  Previous versions are shown on older OS maps and care should be taken to follow the new route. A Route Guide is available in the National Park's visitor and information centres or by post.

The Beacons Way is an iconic walk which runs the length of the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is a challenging route, but well within the reaches of a fit and competent hill walker. Demanding uphill climbs and undulating ridges give spectacular views of the National Park, its varied landscapes and its wildlife.

The trail often goes off the beaten track taking routes into back country not usually explored by the average walker. The route has limited waymarking, especially on open hill and moorland sections, meaning navigation skills will be required, but the rewards are great – new vistas and new experiences are awaiting the explorer prepared to put in the effort. Day lengths vary from 16 to 23.5km (10 to 14.5 miles), often with significant height gain, so be prepared for a challenging route needing fitness and careful planning. This is particularly true in the west where accommodation is much scarcer and the use of taxis or public transport may be needed. Unless you are a very experienced winter hill-walker, you should plan your walk during the summer when more daylight is available and weather conditions more forgiving. The timings for each day have been calculated based on an average walking speed of 4.5km per hour.

The Land of the Beacons Way

A new, fully-illustrated book by Dilys Harlow, describing the landscape and geology across the Brecon Beacons National Park as seen from the Beacons Way. Published by the South Wales Geologists Association and available to order for £7.95 from their website Also available from the National Park Visitor Centre.

The book is available from the National Park's visitor centres and from various bookshops, outdoor equipment shops and Tourist Information Centres in the Brecon Beacons National Park.The Brecon Beacons Park Society (an independent membership organisation - not part of the National Park Authority) sometimes organises guided walks along the Beacons Way.

For more information about the Beacons Way, including details of occasional guided walks along the route, click here.

Please follow the Countryside Code at all times.

The revision of the route in 2016 was grant aided by Welsh Government through Visit Wales.

You can buy the full Beacons Way booklet from our online shop.



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