People who don’t understand

People who don’t understand, who only believe liars and haters, people who have failed to make up their own minds as to the truth - they call me the Ogre of Abergavenny. Wrong! They do the typical thing and BLAME. The fact is my whole strategy of containment, from the beginning, has been a great success, a huge success. These were extremely dangerous people we were dealing with, the Welsh, people who should not have been allowed back on the battlefield. But that is what the losers and my enemies wanted! They wanted me to invite these people to one of my castles, they wanted me to feed them, they wanted me to donate large amounts of money and food and ale to these ruthless killers, because it was Christmas, and when they were done, when they had taken everything they wanted, wave them goodbye, maybe give them some presents, give them their weapons, and just wait around for them to attack us again. Nice! It couldn’t happen! I was never going to let that happen.