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The imposing remains of this castle overlook the confluence of the river, Afon Honddu as it flows into the River Usk at the Watergate, Brecon.
Look up from the banks of either of the rivers and quake at the sight of the 13th century Great Hall which was added as an embellishment to the original castle built by the Normans around 1093. Above Afon Honddu also looms the early 14th century semi-octagonal tower. Brecon Castle would have had two entrances as well as a postern gate: one a drawbridge over the River Usk and the other over Afon Honddu. Built as the administrative and military headquarters of the Lordship of Brecon this castle announced to everyone that they were among the most powerful families in the kingdom at the time.
You can only view this castle from the outside since it forms part of The Castle of Brecon Hotel.


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