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Blaenavon: Ironworks and World Heritage Centre

Blaenavon: Ironworks and World Heritage Centre

For a fascinating insight into the life and times of workers during the early years of the Industrial Revolution why not visit Blaenavon Ironworks.

The site is home to one of the best preserved 18th Century ironworks in Europe and comes complete with furnaces, cast houses, a magnificent water balance tower, cupola furnace and ironworkers cottages.

Following on from the BBC Wales ‘Coal House’ series visitors now have the chance to step inside the furnished workers cottages at Stack Square and visit the newly recreated ‘Company Shop’ as it might have looked in 1840.

At the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre learn about World Heritage Sites and why a Welsh mountain landscape became one.


Sample Itinerary

10.00 am Arrive at Ironworks.
10.15 am Explore Ironworks, Cottages and Exhibition.
11.45 am Visit World Heritage Centre, Blaenavon.
12.30 pm Enjoy lunch at Heritage Centre, local pub or picnic.
1.30 pm Depart for home or visit Big Pit Mining Museum (Itinerary No. 11) or further
exploration of Blaenavon town, Cordell Museum, Keepers Pond etc.



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