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Jostling for attention amongst all that Crickhowell has to offer, the castle was once a mighty stronghold, guarding this stretch of the Usk Valley and the way through the Black Mountains.
Take a break from shopping and look in on the ruins of the stone castle built in the 13th century by Sir Grimbald Pauncefote. Like many castles it started life originally as a Norman motte and bailey castle built of timber in the 12th century.
How to get there
P – in and around the town.
Opening : Open and free all year round.
Toilets including for disabled
Accessibility: the castle is located in a public park with relatively level gradients.
What there is to see and do

One of a pair of tall drum towers, the other being reduced to ground level,
Remains of a gatehouse and other towers,
Imagine the castle under attack by Owain Glyndwr’s forces in 1403 who left it in ruins,
Climb to the top of the mound or motte for views over the town and towards the mountains,
Relax or have a run around in the playing field.


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