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BHDD79 geography / travel, Germany, Leipzig, St. Thomas church, school and Bosehaus, coloured engraving by Johann Georg Schreiber, after 1732,. Image shot 1733. Exact date unknown.

The 2022 Festival focuses on the second stage of the Walk with Bach series, looking at JS Bach’s early years as Cantor at St Thomas’ Church in Leipzig.

Brecon Baroque and the festival’s guest artists explore this rich period of sacred and instrumental music with performances of Lutheran Masses, cantatas and concerti by JS and JL Bach. We have thrown in some secular spice too with songs and madrigals, as well as some bizarre, with birdsong, battles and church bells. The grand finale programme, The Italian Job, is high drama – from concerti and arias by Handel and Torelli, to thunder and terror with Vivaldi.

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