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Apple Day is here again at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on Sunday October 15.


FestAfal will be a celebration of the Botanic Garden’s Welsh orchard, which achieved National Collection status in 2017.

Everyone’s favourite fruit will take centre stage but there will be a mouth-watering cast alongside the core attraction, including a hog roast, live music, stalls selling cider, cheese, pork, savoury and baked goods, honey and crafts – all with a fruity, apple-flavoured twist.


Also taking part are local nurseries selling Welsh variety apple trees – many of which are rarely available.

Botanic Garden curator Alex Summers said: “FestAfal is an opportunity to celebrate our Welsh Orchard and its apple collection. It will embrace the apple, its uses, the products derived from it and its wider associations in Welsh culture. There will be the opportunity to taste a range of Welsh apple varieties and to experience something other than Braeburn or Pink Lady, something distinctively Welsh.”


The National Botanic Garden of Wales has held a collection of Welsh apple varieties since 2012.

Says Alex: “Its presence provides an accessible site to celebrate Welsh natural and cultural heritage and engage on this with visitors and other users of the Botanic Garden.

“This collection is a long-term repository for the conservation of this natural heritage and a research resource for apple breeding as well as important Welsh cultural heritage related to the names and growing techniques.”

Apple Identification

Apples can be brought into the Botanic Garden for identification at the event.

Please ensure that apples picked from different trees are kept separate. To ensure an accurate identification, please bring three typical apples of each variety, including the intact stalk and eye (the end opposite the stalk). If you think the variety is a cooker, please remember to cook it to see if it holds its shape or if it forms a purée.

If the apple is an early variety, please pick the fruit when it is slightly under-ripe, and keep the fruit in the bottom of your fridge (in the salad drawer) until you bring them for identification. Please do not wash or treat the apples in any way after picking.


FestAfal is a collaboration by the Botanic Garden along with partners, the Marcher Apple Networkand the Wales National Heritage Orchard Cluster.

The Garden is open from 10am-6pm. 


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