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This walk strays far from the madding crowds, crossing the lonely whaleback ridge that divides the watersheds of the Afon Taf Fawr and the Afon Taf Fechan. After a steep climb up through the eastern reaches of Coed Taf Fawr, it strikes out across remote pasture, with the vista north improving all the time. It saves its best for last, with an easy climb up to the trig point on Twyn Mwyalchod, which offers fine views over the Neuadd Reservoirs to Pen y Fan, Corn Du and Cribyn.
1. Take the Roundabout Bus to Garwnant (or get dropped there in the morning by the Cardiff or Porthcawl Bus). Head back out onto the A470 and turn right for 250m to locate a forest track on the left, guarded by a barrier. Head up this until it turns into another track and turn right. Continue for around 300m, past a vague grassy track on your left, to a better track that runs uphill, with a stream gulley to its right. Follow this up to the edge of the forest. And then around to the left to the top of the hill where there’s a stile on your right.
2. Cross two stiles and head away from the wood with the fence to your left. Follow this easily now for over 4 kilometres, until you reach a metal gate on your left, with a plantation straight ahead. Turn left to cross the gate, and now follow a boggy path parallel with the plantation. Stay with it to climb easily up to the trig point on Twyn Mwyalchod, where you get great views over the valley below.
Want more?
From Twyn Mwyalchod, you can walk northwards to Corn Du, effectively reversing Walk 7 and dropping back to the Storey Arms but you are only likely to be able to manage this in time if you are catching the return bus to Cardiff. Descend, retrace your steps half way down, then bear left to cross open moorland to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad.
3. There are two paths bearing right at the trig point. Take the second and follow it to the escarpment edge where you’ll see a path leading steeply downhill towards the lower of the reservoirs. Follow this down over rough ground, with recently felled forestry to your right, and you’ll come to a gate that leads into the reservoir grounds.
4. Cross the dam and bear right to down some steps and then up onto a bank, where a gate leads onto the road. Follow the road for 700m to a junction with two tracks on the left. Take the second, that heads away from you, follow this around the hillside to meet another road at Torpantau (SO049167). This is the best place to hail the roundabout Bus to get back to Brecon. There is no bus stop as such.


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