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Sarn Helen and the Roman Roads

The Romans left many marks on the landscape of the National Park and this ride, a hilly but enjoyable sojourn that links Brecon with the small town of Sennybridge, offers the chance to visit some of the most significant.
As well as following a short section of Sarn Helen – the invader’s main trunk route that ran through the whole principality from Caernarfon to Carmarthen – it also passes close to the remnants of a sizeable hill fort on Y Gaer, built way back in 80AD to house a 500 strong cavalry unit, and visits the lovely St. David’s church at Trallong, where you can see an ancient Ogam stone bearing an ancient Celtic inscription.
Lunch at the Mountain Centre should be a tasty enough carrot to get anybody to the top of those hills but if you’re in need of further incentive, the views from the top are some of the finest in the whole National Park.


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