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Welsh Overland Safari

Welsh Overland Safari is an independent guide tour company offering unique overland guided tours of some of the most beautiful, unspoilt landscapes in Europe, as well as rare natural habitats for wildlife. One of Wales’s best kept secrets, the region has a rich and diverse history dating back to well before Roman times. Exploring the rugged mountains, lakes, waterfalls and forests of the area.
With over 20 years’ experience, the founder Richard Davies started Welsh Overland Safari because he wanted to share his passion for the area and share his knowledge with like-minded adventurers.
We’ve designed our guide tours to be enjoyed be all, with itineraries designed to get you off the beaten track at a slower pace whilst including all the “must see highlights”. Smaller groups allow for more flexibility, spontaneity and time to explore. Our published itineraries represent the minimum of what can be achieved on our guided tours and there is always some surprises along the way too.
And it’s not just our guided tours that make us different. When you join Welsh Overland Safari you’ll be traveling with one of our experienced and passionate guides namely ourselves.


Tanysgrifiwch i gael y newyddion a’r cynigion diweddaraf