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The Angel Bakery (across the lane from The Angel Hotel) was opened with a vision to bring a new, independent, proper bakery back to the heart of Abergavenny. With the help of Adam Sellar, who has set up a number of successful bakeries in London and Glasgow, the project began to gain momentum. At the time, Adam was working with our bakers Sophie Kumar and Polly Hunter, who came on board to help plan the new venture. Together, they planned the space so that it would be filled with light; an open plan, contemporary space, with large windows from both the shop and outside, so customers can watch our bakers at work.
The bakery has a team of five full-time bakers and two part-time pastry chefs. Sophie and Polly have worked both as bakers and chefs where they gained extensive knowledge. This experience and knowledge has helped make The Angel Bakery the enormous success is it today. As a team the bakers take immense pride in the breads and pastries produced at the bakery and are keen to be a key part of the vibrant food scene in Abergavenny.
Everything sold in the Bakery is made from scratch, including the chutneys which feature in the sandwiches at lunchtime each day.


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