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Celebrating 130 years of cinema in 2024 The Market Hall Cinema Brynmawr has  outlasted 30 UK Prime Ministers, survived 2 World Wars and seen the transition from silent films to talkies, black and white to colour, and recently to state of the art digital projection and sound. 
We can offer your the best viewing experience in Wales – as have done since 1894!
200 Luxury Seats with huge leg room in a historic ‘red velvet curtain’ venue packed with original features.
5 Star rated on Trip Advisor and Facebook. Winner UK Cinema of The Year 2014.

We’re also the only cinema to feature on the “Welsh Bucket List” of things you must do in Wales before you die – “watch a movie in Wales’ Oldest Cinema.”
The earliest record we have of showing a film here dates back to 27th December 1899, when we screened ‘A Boer War Pictorial’.


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