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Sennybridge Electric Bikes

The majestic hills and mountains of the Brecon Beacons make a fabulous backdrop for a days cycling.  However, if you are not a seasoned cyclist, getting around on two wheels can prove something of an uphill struggle, literally!
For those who would like to make the most of the outdoors without needing to be super fit, why not try an Electric Bike.  With four power modes they are ideal for country roads, forest trails/dirt tracks and hills are a doddle.
So how do they work?  Put simply, electric bikes operate by reducing the effort required for peddling.  A rider determines how much assistance is needed for the given terrain and the power assist contributes when the rider pushes on the pedals.
Our electric bikes are available to hire for either a full day (7 hours) or half day (4 hours).   Suggested routes and maps provided.  Helmets provided.  Minimum age 12 years.  Maximum group size: 4.
Terms and Conditions of Hire applicable.  Please note hire is at your own risk.  Personal Accident Insurance is not included.  
Half Day (4 hours) – £35.00 per bike
Full Day (7 hours) – £59.00 per bike
Sennybridge Electric Bike Specifications – Hardtail E-Mountain Bikes, from Cube and KTM. Boasting a Bosch 500-watt battery and the latest powerful CX250 watt motor.  
Battery Life – average battery life and travel distance will be dependent on the power mode used.  Hirers need to be aware of and manage the battery life.  Range 20 miles (turbo power) to 80 miles (eco power).


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