The Brecon Beacons – respect, protect, enjoy

Footnotes for walkers

Step 1: Starting off

  • Think ahead. A good route plan = a good walk
  • And get off to a good start by parking properly – use car parks when available, think of others, don’t block gates or access lanes, etc

Step 2: Walk this way

  • Stick to the path – you mightn’t think it, but wandering off the path really does cause damage.
  • The same applies to narrow paths – if it isn’t wide enough, please walk in single file
  • And when it comes to zig-zags don’t cut corners (it’s easier on the landscape – and your knees)
  • We know this is an obvious one, but please remember to leave gates as you find them, keep off farmers’ crops, etc
  • Don’t climb walls or fences – they’re surprisingly fragile

Step 3: Leave just footprints

  • Here’s another obvious thing that makes most walkers see red – litter. Please, please don’t drop it. And you’ll be doing your bit for the Beacons if you see any and pick it up
  • That applies to fruit skins and peel too – bananas, for example, may be great for instant energy, but their skins take ages to biodegrade
  • We know there aren’t any toilets up on high. You know that too, so be prepared to bag and remove your waste or bury it

Step 4: Pet etiquette

  • It’s breeding time for birds in the Beacons from 1 March to 30 July, so keep your dog on a short lead at this sensitive period
  • Sheep – they come with the territory in Wales. Please put your dog on a lead before it sees them
  • Keep it clean – please clean up all dog waste
  • See Walking with Dogs for more detailed advice

Step 5: Happy walking

  • Smile, be happy, be courteous to others – remember, you’re in the Brecon Beacons, not at work