How to be a responsible paddler, boater, sailor or angler

We want you to enjoy your time on our waters to the full, while making sure that no harm is done to other people, wildlife or the environment.

Please follow our common-sense recommendations for a safe and relaxing experience on our rivers, lakes and canals.
  • Pay attention to recent and ongoing weather conditions and water levels – see our Stay safe at lakes, waterways and waterfalls page
  • When accessing water, park and unload thoughtfully, change discreetly and respect the privacy of house and narrowboat residents
  • Wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid while afloat
  • Treat other people and wildlife with respect
  • Leave the waterway as you would hope to find it – keep the water free from harmful substances such as fuel and chemicals and don't leave litter
  • Don't damage the vegetation or the banks
  • Follow the Waterways Code as recommended by the Canal and River Trust (
  • Don't swim in canals or reservoirs – you should not enter the water of a canal or reservoir except when you capsize by accident, or during capsize and rescue training
  • CHECK, CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY your boat and kit – see our Invasive aquatic species page

Waterborne wildlife-watching

Our waterways are home to a wide variety of wildlife. While you're on the water, you can enjoy looking out for birds, mammals, fish, amphibians and insects and help them to survive and flourish in the National Park. To find out more, see our Wildlife-watching, birdwatching and nature trails section.

If you'd like to get more actively involved, you could join the Brecknock Wildlife Trust ( or become a Brecon Beacons National Park volunteer.

Or, you could get your club or organisation to join our Boating for Wildlife campaign, adopting your favourite piece of water, keeping it clear of rubbish and monitoring the wildlife that make use of it.