National Park Visitor Centre access information

If you have specific access requirements this document may help you plan your visit to the Centre. 

Access Statement
Mountain Centre (National Park Visitor Centre), Libanus
You will be given a warm welcome when you visit the Mountain Centre.

From April to September staff will help you to plan your visit, update you on local events and suggest places to enjoy the local fare. We can also give you detailed advice on outdoor activities and walking routes as well as helping you to make sure you have all the equipment you need for your walk.  There is information on this site to help you - you will find it in the Easier Access section.

During October to March you will find brochures and maps downstairs in the Tearooms.  If you want more information during this time you could visit or contact Brecon Tourist Information Centre. 
Address Cattle Market Car Park, Brecon LD3 9DA. Tel: 01874 622485 Email:

Why not stay for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea in our Tea Rooms, whilst you enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the Brecon Beacons National Park?
How to get here
Entrance to the main car park from Libanus village is via a two mile steep country lane, and two cattle-grids (one at the top of the lane and the other to gain entry to the car park). The Centre is signposted using brown and white road signs in Defynnog and Libanus. Satellite navigation owners: type LD3 8ER.
The National Park Visitor Centre is on two levels. The  toilets and sensory garden are on the upper level with the tea rooms and recreation area on the lower level.
The signage around the building (both inside and out) is either pictorial (outside orientation signs) or bilingual (in English and Welsh, inside the building) or both, with white images/writing on a blue background.

January –February:           10.00– 4.00
March – October:               9.30 - 5.00
November – December:     10.00 – 4.00
In the event of a fire, the alarm can be raised at any of the call points located by each exit from the building. Please note our fire alarm is currently audio only. On hearing the alarm, please make your way directly to the muster station and do not attempt to leave towards the car park, or go back into the building to help others as you may put yourself in further danger. The muster point is across the lawned area by the weather recording station. Staff will direct you where to go and, where possible, assist you if necessary. Our staff are trained to sweep the building quickly to ensure it is empty.
First Aid
All our staff are first aid trained.
An Automatic External Defibrillator is held on site.
The nearest payphone to the Mountain Centre is in Libanus village, although in an emergency outside our opening hours, help could be raised from Llanilltyd farm, 200m away from the Centre.
Reception for mobile telephones is patchy at best in this remote area. O2 customers will usually get good signal at the Centre itself, whilst Orange and 3 customers have little if any. Vodafone coverage can be extremely variable. Away from the Visitor Centre, all mobile networks have patchy coverage due to the nature of the landscape, and should not be relied upon in the event of emergency.
Outside lighting
While the centre is open, the outside paths around the Mountain Centre (e.g. from the building to the car park) are lit from dusk onwards.
Car Park
There are seven dedicated disabled parking spaces available close to the building, which are on a slightly sloping tarmac surface. To get to these spaces take the first turn right as you enter the car park over the cattle grid. Please drive slowly as this is also the main pedestrian entrance to the Visitor Centre. Alternatively, the main parking area is surfaced with compacted stone, is level and has plenty of parking spaces with no laid out parking bays. The overflow car park, which is used at busy times of the year, is in a grass field with a firm surface and good drainage.
Public Toilets
Disabled Access Toilets
There is one disabled access toilet on the right hand side of the building as you approach it from the car park. There is a 4 metre ramped access (close to the disabled parking spaces) to a unisex disabled toilet, which has an outward opening door. Please note this toilet is currently difficult to access on medium to large powered mobility scooters.
Male /Female Toilets and Baby Changing Room
The main ladies and gents toilets as well as a baby changing facility can be found on the right hand side just in the covered walkway. These cubicles are narrow and do not have grab rails fitted. One cubicle in each set of toilets (ladies’ and gents’) has a wide, outward opening door (although access is not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair). All remaining cubicles have inward opening doors.
Acess to the Upper Level
Main Entrance
Entrance to the upper level of the building (which is closed during the Winter months except for events and Authority activities) from the main car park is level and surfaced, with access to the building being either by two steps (14cm high, 178cm wide, 34cm deep), which have their edges marked in white, or via a ramp (3 metres long and 178cm wide complete with handrail).
Upstairs in the Centre
The main doors to the upstairs in the centre are at the end of the covered walkway. The double doors are narrow, and open outwards. The left hand door can be pinned back for ease of access. There is a level threshold, which leads into the main information area.
There is level access throughout the upper floor including through to the lecture room and audio visual room.
Beacons Room
The beacons room has a narrow 67cm wide, inward opening doorway with a level threshold. The chairs and tables in this room can be set out in various ways.
Audio-Visual Room
The audio-visual room is on the upper floor with moveable seating and space for one wheelchair when all the chairs are out, or the chairs can be removed to accommodate up to 8 wheelchairs. 
An outdoor balcony area has a  view of the most famous (and highest) peaks in the National Park (weather permitting!).
From the balcony, there is also access to the picnic terrace via either of two steep flights of 13 steps leading one off each end of the balcony. These steps are uneven in width and depth as they turn towards the front of the building, but are of uniform height (17cm), with a handrail.
Access from the car park
Entrance to the Tea Rooms from the main car park is via a sloping tarmac path, (signposted from close to the car park with a knife, fork and plate symbol). Close to the building the access narrows to enter the picnic terrace (126cm wide at narrowest point). Entrance to the Tea Rooms from the widened spaces is either by the above route or via a flight of 10 stairs (14cm high, 135cm wide and depth varying between 31 and 397cm, with a handrail) to the picnic terrace. The edges of the steps are marked in white.
Access from the balcony
Access to the Tea Rooms and Picnic Terrace from the upper level is via one of three routes: 1) via the balcony steps, 2) via the main double doors and a set of steps along the side of the building, or 3) via the main double doors, and via the sloped tarmac path described above.
The tea rooms can be accessed by either one of two doors at either end of the building. Each door is 109cm wide, opens outwards and can be pinned back for ease of access. Guide dogs are welcomed within the tea rooms. The floor is tiled throughout and the ceiling is low. The light level is not too bright.
Inside the tea rooms, there is a foyer area with 19 tables (all wheelchair-accessible by removing chairs), with an entrance through an arch (155cm wide) to the main Tea Room and service counter.
The Tea Room operates on a service basis, where you order and collect your food/ drinks on a tray en route to the till. The tray rail is 86cm off the floor. All our tables and chairs are moveable to accommodate the needs of individuals who require more space (e.g. wheelchair users). The staff are friendly and always on hand to help.
The picnic terrace has extremely heavy benches, chairs and low tables, which are closely spaced together and is surrounded by a low wall. This furniture is moveable on request by staff, but due to its weight, we do not recommend visitors attempt to move it. The picnic terrace also leads onto a lawn area which is firm with good drainage.
There are three sets of cycle arches for securing bicycles to.
The Beacons room is available for hire as a venue for local interest groups, private meetings or education groups to use during opening hours. Access out of hours is available subject to prior agreement.
For more information
If you have any specific needs, which the above statement does not mention, or you require clarification of any aspect of the statement, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on (01874) 623366, or by email at
Reference: Access Statement Mountain Centre Mar 10