Garnant from cwm to cwm - directions

Way to go

Turn left out of Upper Station Road along Folland Road, before turning right up Hendre Road, joining the bridleway and continuing to Llandeilo Road. Cross the road and follow the farm track for just over half a mile (1km) before turning left at Cwm Pedol-isaf to reach the open moor. Ascend rightwards for 90m then turn right, descending the track into Cwm Pedol. Fork left after 125m along the slope, keeping left at the next fork as you enter open woodland and conti:nue to a stile.
Continue to a gate beyond a small stream. Pass through and walk with the fence at your left, pass a ruin and cross a stile back onto the open hill. Turn left and follow a track gently up the steep slope of Graig Fawr. Follow the path as it crosses the broad southern slopes of Drysgol, passing below a ruin with trees alongside.
Continue along the moorland path with a wall away to your left for just over half a mile (about 1km) before following the path down into Cwm Berach. Cross the Nant Berach at a wooden footbridge and climb past Blaen Berach before rejoining Llandeilo Road and following it downhill for just over half a mile (1km).
Turn right over a stile and follow a path through woodland. Cross a stream and then ascend to Hen Bethel Chapel before continuing onto Felen Road. Turn right and follow Heol Felen down to Folland Road, before turning left back to the car park.