Talgarth woods and waterfalls - directions

Way to go

Turn left from main entrance of car park and walk to Main Square. Head up hill to left of Town Hall to the gates of St Gwendoline’s Church and keep right, with the graveyard on your left. Continue past houses and take the fork left, and left again, walking uphill past some bungalows. 
Go through a gate and then through a second gate on the left.  Walk straight up two fields with hedges to your right. Cross the middle of the third field to a stile at the bottom of Park Wood.
Cross the stile and follow path across a ditch to join a broad forest track, turning left onto this and following it for 1½ miles.  Ignore any forks to the left, and any footpaths to left and right. This track leads to a gate and stile that then to a field.  Cross the field, following a line of pylons to join a clear grassy track and follow this upwards and slightly right to a gate that leads onto a broad track, which you follow to a gate leading onto a common. 
Go through the gate and fork right onto a track, following a hedge on your right, Where the common narrows, head towards a gate on the horizon. Before the gate, meet a tarmac road and turn left. Follow the road through a gate and after a 100 metres, reach Rhos Fawr common. 
Fork right heading along a grass track which goes up the common. The track heads uphill past a pond toward a prominent field wall. Above you will see the deep gully of Cwm Cwnstab running off the Black Mountains escarpment. Follow the wall on your right and where it turns right, follow it down a gully to cross a stream. (an easier stream crossing is a few metres uphill). Follow a track contouring about 20 metres above the wood to reach a stile and gate.
Cross the stile and turn right towards a gate. Turn left before the gate and follow the field boundary along until it turns right. Continue to follow the field boundary downhill to reach a gate at Ffosrhys. Turn left onto tarmac road, and proceed to Pen-y-Bryn. 
Turn right and cross the stile to left of entrance gate to Pen-y-Bryn. Keep right to a waymark post, then turn right, with the hedge to the right, to cross a footbridge. Now keep straight ahead, crossing or passing nine stiles, until the path drops to cross a tree-lined track by a large stone post. Turn left and follow the track/gully to reach a gate onto a tarmac road.
Turn right and walk along the road for around 300m and cross the stile on your left, following the woodland path alongside the stream, ignoring any tracks that head right uphill. Continue over a stile and down steps to Pwll-y-Wrach falls (watch out for muddy, slippery sections). From here, continue downstream to a junction in the path, bearing right onto a well-surfaced path with a handrail that leads up to the Tarmac country lane that takes you back to Talgarth.